On Being An Artist

"As blocked artists, we tend to criticize ourselves mercilessly. Even if we look like functioning artist to the world, we feel like we never do enough and what we do isn't right. We are victims of our own internalized perfectionist, a nasty internal and eternal critic, The Censor, who resides in our (left) brain and keeps up a constant stream of subversive remarks that are often disguised as the truth."
- The Artist Way


Or in other words, fear. Fear keeping us from pursuing what we love and the "dreams" we are so passionate about doing. Sometimes it feels like others may be judging or telling us how they think we should create our "art", and a lot of the times, the real critic, is ourselves. We sometimes let fear keep us from painting that first piece, producing that first song, designing a dress, or writing that first novel.

Some of us were raised to believe that pursuing the "artist" dream is a hobby or luxury and not a lifestyle. It took me forever to believe that it could be a career. Or that you could wake up every day, doing something you love.

Remember that...
  "A successful career is always built on failures.
The trick is to survive them."
As much as I try to tell myself that every day, I also want to tell YOU, that I support your artist dreams as well. Write that first word, paint what you feel, create new dishes, build a business with all of your beautiful art, and go for your dreams.

"Trust that still, small voice that says, "this might work
and I'll try it." - Diane Marie Child
(Recovering a sense of strength to keep pursuing and helping others pursue what they love)