The Journey of an Artist Mind turned Life Coach

Lately I have been thinking about limitless possibilities. Some of us put a cap and deadline on how far we can grow as people. Whether it is opportunity, trying new things, or opening our mind and hearts to new adventures. I understand that some believe they are limited because maybe that is how they were raised, or maybe their mentors told them they can only make so much out of their careers or life, or maybe they choose to stay where they are at and afraid of change. As an artist myself, I used to let myself think, there is NO possible way I can make great income off artwork, there is NO way I could be more than a local artist/writer/yoga teacher etc..., or there is NO way I can become successful because the average of all artists is "Broke". (Read The Artist's Way by Julia Cameron)

But then I asked myself, is this all I can become because this is what others believe? If something happened to me tomorrow would I have done all I honestly could, with an open mind, to pursue being a successful artist? Have I really tried my all without letting others opinions tie me down? It became the fear that pushed me to do more, then it became the fuel to keep going and find more, and then it ultimately became the catalyst to do anything in my power to just make it happen because I believe I can BE, DO, and HAVE more. (Carmen Marshall) I read books, attended seminars, workshops, followed great mentors who were positive and supportive of my dreams and goals, and found a way to invest and achieve the artist dream life I have always wanted forever.

And for that I am Thankful!

  "The best way to keep your heart going is to give it a reason." 
And my reason became, ME. Too many people around me were falling and needed courage to get up. Too many were too scared to try anything new or be open-minded to greater opportunities. And too many were waiting for someone to be the hero to their life story. I had to stop making excuses of why things were not happening, be my own hero, and make things happen. I woke up with more clarity to be the reason and Why.

To be successful for me means giving back to those that I love
Means taking care of my family and future family
Means showing my siblings that they can achieve anything they want to in life and they can also love what they do
Means never having a "boss" for the rest of my life. I am My Own Boss. And You Are Your Own Boss Too!
Means spending more time to do what I love and what I am passionate about
Means living life to its' fullest in happiness and health
Means living wherever I want in the world, whenever I want
Means being financially-free and stress-free
Means being inspiring to others that they can achieve all of their goals and live their dream life, no matter how Big or Small 

Means helping others get to where they want in their life
Means that that I am always a Role Model to my daughter, to never give up, Keep working at it, to work smarter not harder, but absolutely Love Harder, Love yourself, and that we can turn every Dream into Reality

Believe In You
Because I Do