Meet The Team!

CEO of KM LLC Consulting Agency



“Hey there!

Everyone calls me Kat and I am not only your BFF in business, but I'm a creative at heart, and full-time mama bear! I am a Pisces and thrive off the creative arts. My human design is a Manifesting Generator and I am guilty for constantly helping you believe in yourself and your dreams over and over again. How about we get creative and build towards them together?

When I’m off the clock, you’ll find me painting with my daughter, cooking in the kitchen with my partner, while music plays in the background, and our family dog Skylar waiting around for a snack and a snuggle."




Chief Marketing Director at KM LLC Agency


“Hi hi! I’m Zel! 

 Aside from identifying as your Chief Marketing Director, I also identify as many other things! My zodiac sign is Libra and my human design is Projector, and I am an extrovert. How about you?

When I’m off the clock, you’ll find me by the ocean, binging Netflix shows, discovering and making new recipes for my iced coffee, and taking care of my little family."



Social Media Manager | Virtual Assistant at KM LLC Agency


Hii! I’m Mara!

"You may find me a snob, not approachable at first glance but really I’m the opposite, I am creative and crafty! My zodiac sign is Virgo,  my human design is Reflector. I am an introvert, I’m not anti-social don’t get me wrong. :) How about we connect and work together?

When I’m off the clock, you’ll find me crocheting, or maybe in the kitchen because I love baking and trying new meal recipes for my boys, watching anime series with my hubby, or kids' movies which our son loves."