Kat is a phenomenal coach. I’ve worked with many coaches, but what stands out for me is how incredibly supportive she is. Saying that feels like such an understatement. I particularly remember when I held my first virtual event. I was incredibly nervous, but she willingly calmed my nerves by joining my virtual meeting and took over technical issues that weren’t working on my end so I could focus on facilitating. She is also incredibly generous with her resources, her love, & enormous faith in others. She’s not a coach who just tells you what to do. Working with her felt like we’re playing as a true team. If you want to know more about business, Kat is your woman!

Danielle N.
Date Coach & Matchmaker

We’re in the process of reinventing our business at a very important transitional time, and all kinds of things are on the table right now. It all begins with working better as team (roles, responsibilities, communication, accountability, etc.).
Everyone loved how Kat began the meeting by directing the flow of the conversation strategically, asking each team member to answer a couple of fundamental questions:
-Our role in the organization
-Commitment level
-Suggestions to make it better.

This was huge, because we have several new team members which means there was a lot of learning and shared understanding that came about from this group experience.
After that, she went on to ask a new set of questions focused on our primary revenue streams, digital marketing, social media, and ways to go about growing our business.
Her questions were all well designed, 
They quickly surfaced issues and areas where we need to improve. We then had a brainstorming session, and she offered about ten ideas to get started immediately. Of equal importance, she asked good questions that helped us discover many important answers for ourselves.
It’s easy to see that Kat has a great deal of knowledge in these areas of consulting, and we all appreciated her input. Right now, we’re working on those things which surfaced in the meeting. 

Before long …
We’ll be asking her to return, when we’re ready to move on to the next phase once the key pieces are in alignment. This won’t take long, because none of the work involved is very hard.  We just needed some high level guidance from someone outside the organization who saw the big picture and asked the right questions.
Next time we’ll focus on looking at specific digital marketing strategies, new revenue streams, and how to take each strategy to the next level.

Personally …
I loved her approach of “people first, issues next” and how she began by allowing each team member to share what was important to them. 
This brought a lot of good energy to all the conversation that followed.  The other thing I really like is the enthusiasm and passion she brings to her work. It’s easy to see that she cares deeply. and is prepared to bring a high level of support. 
Kat is one of those people who knows how to make a real difference, and even though we’re just getting started, the whole team agrees, she already has.  Thank you, Kat !!  
George Z.
MBA, Life Coach, San Diego

I have been so impressed with the work of Kathrin and her team at Kat Mae Media LLC! Their dedication to their clients is truly unparalleled, and it shows in the fantastic results that they have helped me to achieve on my social media pages. From the beautiful designs of their reels and videos to the strategic marketing insights that they provide, Kathrin and her team have been instrumental in the complete transformation of my Instagram pages. I feel so grateful to have had the opportunity to work with such a talented and professional group of individuals, and I would recommend them to anyone looking to boost their social media presence. Thank you, Kathrin and team, for your incredible work!

San Diego Business Owner

Kat is very supportive as a fellow coach.  When I did my first live webinar on Zoom, she offered her time to help assist me in the background with managing the chat and comments during the live webinar. Her assistance allowed me to focus on my presentation & engagement with my attendees.  Thank you Kat!

Women's Confidence Coach

Before we met, I was disorganized, stressed, unfocused, and burned out on some of the work I was doing. Now I am organized, motivated, confident, and have clarity on what I WANT to do and HOW to do it. It’s been an amazing process and one I am SO glad I took! I didn’t get the results I expected, BUT I did get results I am 1000% happy with! When I started working with Kat, I wanted to get my life organized, find motivation for working only my tutoring business, and have a successful client base with steady income, along with a website and marketing plan in place by the end of 6 months. There were so many ups and downs and twists and turns on the journey along the way. Now, I don’t have my tutoring business with steady income, nor a website, or a solid marketing plan. What I DO have is clarify, focus, and most importantly NEW FOUND MOTIVATION!! I DO have the knowledge and tools to head off on my own and achieve the goals I wanted, and to me, that is so much better!

Kat is AMAZING to work with! She understands your needs and knows how to push you far enough to hold you accountable, but not so far that you get frustrated and give up. She is flexible with what you bring to the table and pivots on a dime. Kat is so easy to work with, so much fun, supportive and encouraging. I HIGHLY recommend hiring Kat for all your business strategy needs.

Coach/Multiple Business Owner 

I started working with Kat a little over six months ago, and her business coaching changed my life completely. When we met, I had little self-confidence, and I mean little. I was unsure about what I wanted to do with my career as I had just walked away from my unhappy but safe-zone job. My life was out of balance. Kat equipped me with incredible tools and strategies I now use every single day. Her powerful one-on-one coaching has had a domino effect in every aspect of my life; I even started taking better care of my physical and mental health #bonus! There have been times when I had to postpone our meetings and oh boy did that hurt my productivity. Kat will hold you accountable, and if you commit to doing the work you will be amazed at the results. I feel accomplished, happier, healthier, and optimistic about life. If you want to up-level your business, look no further!

Hypnotherapist/Business Owner

I am grateful for Kat’s time! In just one session I could feel my confidence building and my belief in my goals strengthening! Kat made me feel supported as she held space to listen and to help me organize my ideas into actionable steps. I left our call feeling motivated and was able to redesign my website to better reflect my message and offerings that same day. I cannot wait for our next call! 


When I began working with Kat I had no idea how I was going to bring any of my goals to life. I didn't know what steps to take or if anyone would want my services. Not only did Kat help me start the very foundation of my business, but she continues to offer support through my entire journey. She has helped with business basics, marketing, and endless support! I am so thankful that we crossed paths. She has been critical for my professional development and pushed me more as a person. Thank you Kat!


Everyone should work with Kathrin and here's why. I have been in the personal development industry since 2008 and started with Landmark. I also invested thousands into coaches and mentors. When it comes to coaching it comes down to the #1 skill and that is the gift of listening. When Kathrin Listens, you feel like the only person in the world, and she makes you feel understood. She is also a guide to what needs to be acknowledged. Kathrin is my go-to person, especially around romantic relationships. As a friend, I have known her for 20+ years and she allowed me to feel seen during several difficult moments. She also is not so cookie-cutter and seen her resilience in overcoming adversity. She speaks from life wisdom and when she does, there is a gentle and soothing sense about her guidance that really allows anyone to look within. I definitely see Kathrin being the "go-to" coach in the future when it comes to relationships. Watch-out world, get ready to meet Kathrin. 

Practitioner & Coach

I've had the pleasure of working with Kat for a few months now. I 100% recommend Kat to anyone who needs help and guidance through their career and life challenges or growth. She is smart, friendly, empathetic, kind yet direct, and action-oriented. Her ambition and badassery are contagious! Be ready for Kat to awaken and light a fire in you that you probably didn't even know you had. My experience has been energizing and eye-opening, to say the least. Hope you're ready, this lady will take your superpowers to the next level.